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The book, Witness, to be launched locally during the Thanksgiving Service in St Mary’s church Houghton-on-the-Hill on 23rd July 2023

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

A poetry book celebrating the survival of a thousand-year-old church was inspired by an obituary in the Daily Telegraph on 27th March 2021, relating to Robert ‘Bob’Davey MBE – not your average man! Medieval wall paintings provided an incredible back-drop to a photograph introducing him to the newspaper’s readership, including poet and writer, Anne Hodnette.

She subsequently contacted fellow poet, Michael Alma, and their fascination led them to write a collection of poems, blending both fact and fiction, for the benefit of a church dependent on grants and donations. The book, Witness, is published for the enjoyment of its many visitors and has been made possible by the support of the Friends of St Mary’s, and providers of photographs and information.

This doesn’t pretend to be a history book, but embraces the lands, the people, turmoil and peace, hardship and release. This is about a church damaged by wars, ignored for decades, taken over by Satanists, overwhelmed by bramble and ivy... and still it remains, Witness to a thousand years.

Bob Davey is no longer here but his legacy in saving this wonderful little church remains...as do the Romanesque wall paintings.

This book cannot save all of Norfolk’s churches but the poets hope that through their writing they can commemorate an ancient church and celebrate what can be achieved with faith, courage and determination.

Contact: Anne Hodnette 07961 998652

Or for book sales: Click here

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